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John Larsson Plays Take-over Bid and Hosea
Band: John Larsson Plays....
John Larsson Plays Take-over Bid and HoseaJohn Larsson Plays....Easy ListeningComments: 4John Larsson plays Take-over Bid and Hosea is the first in a series of CDs under the generic title of 'John Larsson plays', that will feature piano arrangements of the main songs from all of the musicals. Listening to the songs included while following the words in the 32-page booklet will be for many a trip down memory lane. But hopefully it will also bring inspiration to those who never knew the era of the musicals – for most of these songs are timeless and have something to say to us today.

More information at johnlarsson.com

Track Listing

Take-over Bid

01.Take-over Bid

02. I dream of a day

03. We have a gospel

04. Army cup of tea

05. Hundreds and thousands

06. The up-to-date Salvationist

07. Someone cares

08. A dif-fe-rent man

09. Soldiers of peace

10. Knock and build

11. All that you need

12. Kneeling in penitence

13. Wonders begin

14. It happened to me

15. For thine is the Kingdom


16. From now on

17. What shall I ask for you?

18. What sort of God?

19. I nearly forgot to say thank you

20. You can’t stop God

21. Got to conform

22. His love remains the same

23. How much more

24. Down the street

25. Only people

26. When God came down

27. I came to him

28. To a God like this