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We Believe...
Band: transMission
We Believe...transMissionWorship - ContemporaryComments: 0Eleven Statements. Eleven Proclamations of belief. These are the building blocks of a movement that has stood time's greatest tests. They are the marrow that hold the frame of our faith together. There has never been a more important time to proclaim what it is we believe. While we storm the forts of darkness, locking arms with comrades from around the world, we move forward to the fight with these, our doctrines, emblazoned on our hearts. This is our fuel.

These songs aren't just about us and what we believe. They are for us, to help us remember WHY we believe. May they stir in us a longing to see in ourselves all that our uniforms say that we represent - justice clothed with grace and truth. These doctrines are our lifeblood. We cannot be removed from them.

We believe...