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1 of 10
1 of 10United States of America - Big PineRockComments: 0This band started out of an extreme need for Dave Holt (vocals, guitar, keyboards) to stop playing in public with just midi or CD back-up (it gets embarrasing). Thankfully, James Messina (drums), Rob Bowers (bass), Brian Trotter (guitarts & vocals), and Rob Haupt (drums, percussion) came along and put Dave out of his misery. All the tunes are original and are meant to glorify the Lord or get people thinking about their need for the Lord. "1 of 10" is taken from Luke 17:11:19 - Jesus heals 10 lepers and only one comes back to thank him. We want to be like the "1 of 10" (hmm, sounds like lyrics for a song... coming soon).