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Pasadena Tabernacle Youth Chorus
Pasadena Tabernacle Youth ChorusUnited States of America - PasadenaGospelhttp://www.pasadenatab.org/html/worship/music/music_tyc.htmComments: 0Established in January 2001, the Tabernacle Youth Chorus is comprised of 55 young people aged between 13-30 years.

Directed by Barbara Allen, a fifth generation Salvationist and a choral director by profession, this exciting and dynamic group provides its members, who are drawn from the Tabernacle Corps is to communicate their love for God in such a way as to draw other young people and their families to hiim and to the church as a whole.

The Tabernacle Youth Chorus has performed in a variety of venues including the Western Territorial Youth Congress, Knott's Berry Farm, as well as local churches and, of course, their home corps of Pasadena Tabernacle. The Youth Chorus enjoyed a successful tour of Hawaii in the Spring of 2004, and released their inaugural CD "In The Sanctuary" in June 2005. The group brings their own unique style and presentation to their music, with a desire to inspire all who experience it.