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Young Saint
Young Saint United States of America - HopemillsGospelmyspace.com/free2rapboutanythingComments: 0Hey yall What's Good dis ya boy Carter here straight doing my thing in the Studio. A artist always stays with pen in paper he also knows what it takes to make it in the Game. Currently right now im in the Navy as a Hospital Corman which for you slow people that's a medic for the Marines and Navy I've been in for about 9 months now i am a E-3 and I love it the only thing thats hard is not being able to be with my family.I have come to relize that females are a dime a dozen. Its hard being young and believing you found true love but its even harder to love someone so much and can't be with them for all the singles stay that way cause love just complicates things even if you are following your heart. In all that I do I trust in God and know that if its meant to be no matter what circumstance i started doing this music thing back in 05 and God has blessed me to travel from Chicago to North Carolina i love music and God why not mix the two i have hope and dreams of getting a record deal not for the money but to reach the youth today for we live in a cruel world why not be a light to them