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Al T.G. Harris
Al T.G. HarrisUnited States of America - FayettevilleGospelwww.mralharris.comComments: 0The Testimony of Al Harris

Born in Miami, Fl, September 23rd 1984, raised in Miami, Fl, Marathon, Fl, Stock Island, Fl, Key West, Fl, Arkansas, Germany, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Hawaii, this servant of Jesus Christ has an awesome testimony. Al Harris a.k.a. Alexander James Harris has been on a rough and interesting journey in his 25 years on earth from selling marijuana and crack rock, delivering cocaine, breaking into cars and houses, stealing from stores, and being homeless. Harris has been arrested twice in his life, both for trespassing but was never charged. He has also been pulled over several times with dope inside of the car but has always been set free. It was not due to snitching but, due to a greater purpose in his life. Harris smoked marijuana heavily and drank liquor daily. Harris says that he would definitely be in prison today if it wasn’t for God’s grace.

Now, let’s rewind the tape. Harris attended church in his childhood days but really never paid it any mind. He knew of Jesus but chose the ways of the world instead. Harris was a good kid growing up. Since age 12, Harris chased the dream of becoming a rapper. Influenced by Pac, Bone, Biggie, No Limit, and the Cash Money Hot Boys, he soaked up their lyrics and spoke evil into existence in his life. Harris dreamed of becoming a signed rapper and continued in his rap career. “It was all a lie at first” says Harris. “I was rapping the hard life, rapping about murder, drugs, pimping, and ice but wasn’t involved in any of it”. “I Attended Key West High School made descent grades, played Junior Varsity and Varsity Basketball and Football and I graduated. I attended Florida Keys Community College for less than a year and made the mistake of dropping out. That’s when the trouble began”.

Later in life, Harris found himself homeless. Sleeping in a local park, shed, back porch, and a two room condo packed with 13 people. Harris once even slept in a thunderstorm. Harris at this point, felt that he had nothing to be successful in but a rap career and that’s when he started to live out the lyrics he recited. “I started to do things just so I could rap it. I became very evil. Fornicating and being in the dope life, I was a menace to society. I was a thug”. “I wasn’t the hardest and I wasn’t some huge dope boy. I was simply a lost soul taking the bait of the enemy”. Later, Harris met his future wife who attended church and helped influence him to give up the street life. That wasn’t enough though. Harris still hit the club every week, drank and smoked, and sold marijuana. Harris’s change came when his little cousin DJ Harris died of a massive heart attack at the age of 16. “He was a great kid” says Harris. “He didn’t do drugs, he played sports, he was a good Christian, and he always smiled. I couldn’t believe that it happened. That’s when I got the message that tomorrow isn’t promised”. Harris searched for a better way but says that a better way found him. Jesus Christ. Harris has been truly saved for 4 years and is now a youth leader. He does ministry on the road from time to time and locally all the time. He is a vessel for Christ Jesus. He packs awesome punch lines, and produces all of his music. He has admitted that he doesn’t write the music by himself. He’s helped by the Holy Spirit who he calls his Holy Ghost Writer. Although only 5”8, he stands tall for Jesus Christ destined to reach life, eternal life. Harris is a hearer and doer of the word. If he spits it, he lives it. He refuses to be credited for the skill. “Give the Glory to God” is always his reply. “All I can say is that it’s not I who lives but Christ who lives in me” says Harris. Thank you for taking the time to read the testimony of Al Harris and praise God for the ministry. God bless you. Keep it Jesus. Be easy. Be blessed.