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Good News
Good NewsUnited Kingdom - LondonRockhttp://heavenly-grooves.blogspot.com/2007/02/good-news-new-life-1972.htmlComments: 2Darkest England, early 1970s, The Joystrings are no more.

The Army decides to have another try, so ex-Joystring Bill Davidson is given the reins and Good News are formed as the Army's second "official" pop group. He assembles Salvationist musicians from across Europe, and the BBC came in to record this album for "Religious Broadcast to Schools"!

Quite what the schools made of the rock epic that is "Spirit" is anybody's guess. Some of this was well ahead of its time.

Bill Davidson - Vocal, Guitar, Piano.

Kevin Burton - Guitar, Piano, Vocal.

Lio Fivaz - Bass, Vocal.

Roger Woodrow - Drums, Vocal.

Ellen Schram - Vocal, Tambourine.