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Heavenly Host
Heavenly HostUnited States of America - North County San DiegoHip-Hopwww.myspace.com/heavenlyhostComments: 0ANGEL RESENDIZ

“Heavenly Host”

A host is defined as a person who receives or entertains guests at home or elsewhere. MC Angel Resendiz, aka Heavenly Host, is all that and much more.

Angel lives in the same city he was born, Escondido, California. Escondido, a city of approximately 125,000 located in the North San Diego County, saw rapid growth in the 1980’s. With this growth came the issues that plague other cities: crime, drugs, and gangs. These problems hit Escondido especially hard in the 1990’s when Angel was attending grade school.

“I grew up in Escondido’s Westside of town,” Angel said in a recent interview. “It was definitely a challenge walking to and from school in my neighborhood. There was always a chance of running into someone looking for trouble.”

Angel became no stranger to trouble himself joining a hip-hop crew (Further Edukation) while attending high school.

“I was looking to be a part of something,” he said. “Like a lot of other kids in my neighborhood I grew-up without my dad around. He left my family before I started school leaving my mom with three kids to take care of. Of course, she was forced to work full-time, leaving me with plenty of time to get in trouble. Being a part of a hip hop crew gave me a sense of belonging and introduced me to the world of hip-hop.”

The crew also led Angel to a run in with the authorities.

“It caused me to take a step back and ask myself, “What do I want to do with my life?” Angel said reflecting back on the incident. “I was fortunate to find the Salvation Army. My involvement with this church, I know, changed my life.”

Angel now directs his energy to church ministry, community youth programs, and his music.

“I use my lyrics to deliver a positive message to the listener,” Angel said. “I’m very direct, but I also try to avoid preaching too much. I want to reach every person in the audience. If I come off as too preachy I run the risk of alienating someone who might need to hear the message (the gospel).”

Angel doesn’t flaunt the Christian rapper label, nor does he run from it. He feels that he’s an underground hip-hop artist that raps about more than just his spirituality, whether in English or his native Spanish. Just one listen to his freshman release, Thorns in My Flesh is proof positive of that.

“When someone listens to my new CD, they will know that I have a personal relationship with God,” Angel commented. “They will also know that I’ve been through plenty in my life. I’ve struggled with all sorts of things and I’ve been able to rise above it all thanks to my Lord and savior Jesus Christ.”

They will also know that Heavenly Host is passionate about what he does whether it’s his music, his church, or the many youth programs he works with. And isn’t that what one wants from a host…passion.