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John Larsson Plays....
John Larsson Plays....United Kingdom - LondonEasy Listeninghttp://www.johnlarsson.comComments: 0'It was 1967 that saw the launch of the era of the musicals during which General John Gowans (Ret.) and I wrote ten full-length musicals, the last being The Meeting in 1990.

John and I have always been astonished at the impact the musicals made, and at the way they crossed geographic, language and even ecumenical boundaries. It is pleasing to know that they are still being performed in this country and abroad.

However, many have said to us that they would love to re-live the inspiration of the original era, but can’t because the LPs and cassette tapes of the musicals made during those years are no longer playable on today’s equipment.

Arising from this I am in the process of recording a series of CDs under the generic title of John Larsson plays that will feature piano arrangements of the main songs from all of the musicals. Most of the discs will include songs from two musicals. Each CD will come accompanied by a booklet containing the incomparable song lyrics by John Gowans.

More information at johnlarsson.com

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