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Mezz Coleman
Mezz ColemanAustralia - BlackburnFolkhttp://www.myspace.com/mezzcolemanComments: 0With a quirky sense of humour and a voice that has been known to melt the toughest of men into a puddle of tears, indie-pop songbird Mezz Coleman finds poetry in the mundane, fun in the serious, and depth in the fun. She’ll have you bopping your head to her energetic tunes, singing along to her catchy melodies and will send shiver’s down your spine as she sings her heart out in one of her sweet, emotional ballads.

Like many great acts such as The Jackson 5, The Carpenters…and…Hanson(?), Mezz is joined on stage by her two brother’s. Together the siblings have played some unforgettable shows at some of Melbourne’s most well known venues such as Federation Square and Manchester Lane.

After releasing her debut EP “My Little World” to delighted fans, great reviews and airplay on radio networks throughout Australia and the US, Mezz is currently getting ready to release her first full length album. Titled “Parts of You, Parts of Me”, she has once again teamed up with her older brother, John Carr to produce the record. Weaving through the album are themes of love, loss and community with hints of her influences; The Beatles, Clare Bowditch, Ben Folds and Joni Mitchell.

Her love of all things pop combined with her studies at the Victorian College of the Arts means Mezz’s music contains a simplicity that “isn’t quite jazz” yet a complexity that “isn’t quite pop”. She’s charming and personal and always performs with her heart on her sleeve.

"It's like you can hear her smiling when she sings."

"Lush and intricately crafted, Mezz Coleman's music is as charming as she is. With her sweet but confident voice, incredible harmonies and toe-tappable rhythms, Mezz creates music to wake up to - music that refreshes, inspires and gives you a kick usually only found in strong coffee!"

"It's kinda simple. Mezz has a fresh melodic feel to her songs, and when treated with her soulful vocal-just feels good!"