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MixchaUnited States of America - St. LouisHip-Hopwww.myspace.com/mixchamusicComments: 0 Mixcha is a group of Christians, who united in January 2005 because they shared a mutual love for Christ, and a talent for music. Together they create a unique sound that has influences of Rock, Jazz, Gospel, Dancehall, Reggae, Hip Hop, and R&B.

They are a group SOLD OUT for Christ and eagerly desire to share His message in music and song with every performance. They feel led to be witnesses of Christ, desire to go anywhere to share God's word, and appreciate the privilege of representing Christ in front of believers and NON- believers alike. It’s not about the music. It’s not about the voices. It’s about finding a way to minister His love. Music is simply a tool Mixcha uses. The group comes from very different backgrounds and ways of life, and Mixcha feels that their diversity is a blessing in more ways than one. Whether it's the multiple musical influences that come out in their music, the different church organizations its members are associated with, or the individual life experiences each has faced. They believe their diversity expands their ability to minister.

Currently residing in St. Louis, MO. Mixcha has two members actively serving with The Salvation Army. Mark (Mixcha Drummer and Producer) is currently serving at DHQ as Divisional Youth Outreach Director, and Marie-Ange (Mixcha Vocals) currently serving at The Gateway Citadel as the Youth and Family Ministries Director. Both have been involved with the Salvation Army since childhood.

Mixcha hopes that their music can give Christians quality entertainment, enjoyable music and most of all be an incredible tool to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.