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PAUL FARTHINGAustralia - SydneyRockComments: 0Paul Farthing was born in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney in 1979. He made a mess of his mother who had to return to hospital weeks after the birth. Not long after he moved to Queensland, then back to Sydney's inner city, then to Sydney's west, then to London, then to Sydney's north shore, 12 houses later he belongs no where and comes from no place. He hopes to get things right with house number 13 though the superstitious suggest this will be unlikely.

His early ambitions included representing the Australian Rugby Union team in the winter, and the Australian cricket team in the summer. In the few weeks between sporting seasons he lacked direction entertaining dreams of being a tennis player, ninja, or crocodile hunter.

In Year Four at Ashbury Public his creative writing piece was so full of spelling mistakes Mrs Doherty printed off copies for the entire class so they could go through and correct it.

In year ten he wrote a short story for English about the romantic meeting of his great grandparents in Petersham Salvation Army hall. His teacher told the class he had shown the story around the staff room and it was very much admired, the story only got a C.

Paul's next English submission looked at the relationship between Brave New World and Karl Marx's Communist Manifesto. He lost marks as the communist Manifesto did not have many pages.

At this point paul realised he was not put on Earth to please teachers. He had also accepted he was not here to play any sport at all for Australia.