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Second Destiny: Jim Curnow/Bill Himes etc..
Second Destiny: Jim Curnow/Bill Himes etc..United States of America - ChicagoRockwww.myspace.com/tsaseconddestiny.comComments: 1Hope that you all get a kick out of some of this stuff! Take a listen to these totally retro tunes!

Presented by

The salvation Army

Central Territory—USA

Evangelism Department


“The Second Destiny” is a group of intensely dedicated and highly talented young Christian musicians screened and selected from Salvation Army Corps in the Central Territory. During the summer of 1969 under the auspices of the Evangelism Department, they offered and interesting and unique ministry through contemporary sounds coupled with a personal witness to the power of Christ in the individual life. It is expected they will be reactivated for the Summer of 1970.

The primary purpose of the group is to attract listeners to a new life in Christ by communicating in a modern idiom they can understand—and hopefully inspire them toward the devotional revolution so desperately needed in the present generation. What could be more meaningful to a young person than to not only hear how Christ can help him live, but also see proof of His saving and sanctifying power in action through the lives of those closest to his own age?

Their ministry will have covered approximately 10,000 miles in nine of the ten states in the Central Territory of The Salvation Army. This whirlwind tour will have involved, in addition to regularly scheduled Sunday service, beach meetings, campus meetings at colleges and universities, service club meetings, open-air services in downtown areas and shopping centers, radio and TV appearances, parades, coffee house meetings, county fairs, park meetings, etc.

The name, too, is unique! Originally it was chosen only with the purpose of catching the attention of youth. With the progress of the group and tour it has taken on various meanings.

William Booth is quoted as saying “I’ve found my destiny.” The Founder’s youthful progenies have found their “Second Destiny.”

It has been suggested that it is part of The Salvation Army’s Second Century of Service—an effort to meet the unchangeable needs of a changing world.

Another thought—all men are sinners (Romans 3:23) and as such destined to an eternal doom. The big “happening”—the miracle in Christ Jesus—promises a new life—a “Second Destiny.”

JIM CURNOW is creator, arranger and leader of the group. He has been Band Director of the Lake Orion, Michigan, Jr. High School Band and Deputy Bandmaster of The Salvation Army Royal Oak Band. He is the leader of the “Royalheirs” of Royal Oak, Michigan. Jim will attend Michigan State University where he has been awarded a $2500 assistantship in the Music Department. He will be responsible for arranging the music for the Michigan State Marching Band.

WILLIAM HIMES is arranger and co-director. Bill is a music student at the University of Michigan, majoring in instrumental education and minoring in radio and TV.

PAUL CURNOW is director of vocal music and co-leader of the group. Paul is a music student at Wayne State University and Bandmaster of the youth band at The Salvation Army in Royal Oak, Michigan.

GEORGE RAWLIN, is the road manager for the group. During the year he is the road manager and first trumpet for the famous “Spurrlows.”


Linda Wright—Soprano

Marcia Webb—Soprano

Carol Prosser—Alto

Betty Roberts—Alto

Rick Carroll—Tenor

Denny Payton—Tenor

Bob Gohl—Bass

Ray MacLean—Bass


George Rawlin—Lead Trumpet

Patt Cairns—Trumpet

Bob Jones—Trumpet

Jim Curnow—Lead Trombone

Steve Webb—Trombone

Joe Baunoch—Bass Trombone

Butch O’Brien—Drums

Paul Curnow—Bass Guitar/ Keyboards

Bill Himes—Keyboards

Terry Kath—Lead Guitar: was a studio musician. At the time Terry was also busy forming a group called the Chicago Transit Authority.