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The Calamari Retribution
The Calamari RetributionUnited States of America - PacificaR&Bhttp://www.myspace.com/calamariretributionComments: 0Birth

The Calamari Retribution was founded on June 23, 2003. The fool named Brandon Toy was singing random lyrics to an old Ray Boltz song, when comrade Luke Rocheleau heard him. Luke found great delight in the absurd lyrics, so they decided to record it with Brandon's brother Christopher. Alas, TCR was born. Though that recording never went public, a later recording of the same song was released on their first album.

TCR1 - The Calamari Retribution - August 2003

In the 3 days before the Western Music Institute 2003, TCR recorded their debut self-titled album with the final key member, Ryan Eng, a cousin of the brothers Toy. Driving in the 92 Regal on the way to WMI, 48 copies were burned on patriotic CD-R media with "TCR" written on each copy with a black Sharpie marker. The cover art (of 4 available designs) was gluesticked onto the CD-R's original branded sleeve, with the track listings also written manually in Sharpie. Around 45 CDs were distributed anonymously around the campgrounds. Some lay in trees, some on swing-sets, some hidden in pairs of unoccupied trousers. TCR was an anonymous band...

TCR2 - Pt.II - August 2004

This creatively titled album was thought of throughout the year, but due to lack of motivation, was not worked on until the summer of 2004. The members of TCR tripled on this album and TCR was getting recognition through means of private distribution. So there was much more work to be done and much more hype to live up to. 100 copies were made, and the technical aspects of production increased greatly. Instead of Sharpie, the CDs had fully adhesive CD labels with designed material. Also, a double-sided CD insert showed the cover on one side and the track listing on the other. The package looked 23 times better than the first CD. However, during these CDs, Brandon discovered a magical tool called "Reverb." In the final mix-down of the album, one might say he went a bit "Reverb-crazy."

TCR3 - I wish I were at WMI... - August 2005

This is the first album title that actually was a real title. The graphic design on this CD was the most labor intensive and required the most effort. I know that last sentence was pretty redundant, but I just want everyone to know that it was fun hard work. This album included an 8-page booklet, and a CD with printing directly on it. Amazing? Yes, indeed. This was also the first album to have 100% originally composed music. The first album had 2 parodies, and the second album used sound loops, but TCR3 was the first to have every note played by hand. All natural hand-crafted goods for the whole family. The title reflects key TCR members Brandon and Christopher Toy's woes as to missing WMI. While the CD would still be distributed at WMI by key member Ryan Eng, Brandon and Christopher would be vacationing in Hong Kong and Mainland China.

to be continued...