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theBREAXUnited States of America - EscondidoHip-Hopwww.theBREAX.comComments: 0An An Armenian Refugee and two Baltimore natives cross paths in San Diego California and form a Hip-Hop Spoken Word band with the hope to change the world. Feel good music with encouraging substance, theBREAX fuse party rocking elements with modern lyricism over cutting edge production. The goal is pushing the envelope of music, giving the masses what they want: fun feel good music that's encouraging and uplifting.

The members are an eclectic cast from: Azerbaijan, Baku (Ruslan: Emcee/Producer), Baltimore, MD (Beleaf: DJ, Emcee) and Oceanside, CA (Mic B: Drummer/ Production) and Vista, Ca (Name Brand: Producer). Their signature “Breaking out of the box” sound is a flavor that defies conventional songwriting with a combination of energy and precision. theBREAX are creating a diverse and loyal following of supporters.

theBREAX have shared the stage with artist like War, P.O.D., Fred Hammond, Braille, Theory Hazit, Lecrae, Ahmad, 4th Avenue Jones, Pigeon John, The Visionaries, LMNO, LA Symphony, and Guinness Book Freestyle Record Holder, Supernatural.