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The Joystrings
The JoystringsUnited Kingdom - LondonPophttp://www.joystrings.co.uk/Comments: 0The Originals. The First Ones. Even Larry Norman, long regarded as the grand-daddy of American Christian rock, says so, and he cites them as an inspiration.

When Fred Coutts was elected General in 1963 he told some sceptical journalists at his first press conference that, sure, the Army has pop music. The journalists basically challenged him to prove it, so word was very quickly sent to the Training College to hurry up and find some pop music! The Joystrings was the result.

Ever-present were:

Joy Webb on keyboard & guitar & vocal.

Bill Davidson on guitar & vocal.

Peter Dalziel on guitar & bass guitar & vocal.

Wycliffe Noble on drums.

Joined at times by other vocalists, guitarists & string bass players.

They were breaking new ground all the way - some chart success in the UK - in fact they were even recording in Abbey Road at the same time as The Beatles.

See also www.crossrhythms.co.uk/articles/music/

Gospel_Roots/7802/p1// and www.joystrings.co.uk

Their legacy is still with us - and on this very website.

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