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The Lads
The LadsUnited States of America - FranklinRockwww.theladsband.comComments: 0A radio DJ recently described The Lads music as being ‘so infectious, it’s like a disease… but the kind you actually want to get!’.

The band that evolved out of a bunch of “mates" who grew up together at Wellington South Corps in New Zealand and “just became known as ‘the Lads’”, now performs to more than 100 000 people a year and has a following in three countries - Australia, NZ and the US (where the now reside).

What do they sound like?

The Lads have a gritty guitar foundation to their sound, combined with swirling analogue keys and the kind of melody and lyrics that sets itself up for the long haul in your front yard. It just won’t go away!

On stage, The Lads are highly energetic, even electric in their performance. But they also like to entertain and have fun with an audience creating unforgettable moments that stay with you long after that show is over and all the lights turned down.

Their mission goes back to their Salvation Army roots in Evangelism and Discipleship - they've recently began working on discipleship tools and Sunday School curriculum for pre-teens (8 - 12 year olds) as they are passionate about 'inspiring the next generation for God, before they need to be rescued'