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The Naked Tambourine
The Naked TambourineUnited States of America - El SegundoRockwww.myspace.com/thenakedtambourineComments: 0The Naked Tambourine started back in the 40's during WWII. The United States needed a team to defeat Hitler's Evil Nazi Army. So they summond a Grayson Hild, Chris Khalife, Bert Hoover, Jonny Lal and Zack Cosby to fight Hitler's Evil Army. Hitler's Army was strong but not strong enough! Hitler could stand the intense Lone Rider riffs and the screatching vocals of Green Avicados, but not the acoustic Whale Boy. You may have heard our greatest song "Whale Boy." Or not. After WWII the band returned to the ends of the Earth till they would be summond once more. In fall of 2006 The Naked Tambourine was summond again. And just so you know, we are so crunk rock. For all the ladies out there, hello. We are currently located in Elsegundo CA. Our recordings kind of suck, but we're good live.