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Song Of JusticeJustice and singing are no strangers to each other.

Throughout Scripture and the history of the Church, the people of God have used songs to cry out for deliverance from oppression and to praise God for leading them in victory - even the final song recorded in the book of Revelation begins by declaring that God. Is. Just.

In light of our Just Judge, there is no such thing as too much awareness of injustice. These days the issues seem to confront us at every turn. As The Salvation Army, fighting against such injustices and advocating for the oppressed are a part of our very DNA. So is producing culturally relevant music that proclaims the good news of Jesus Christ.

The Salvation Army has been called to united, focused intercession. The launching of A Global Call to Prayer: A day and night cry for justice to commence on 1 January 2011 is related to the need for justice for the oppressed, according to Luke 18. So far, more than 40 nations around the world are participating in the Global Call.

As the call to prayer itself is a global initiative, we are praying that the movement of the Spirit around the world will stir hearts and that powerful ministry and worship songs would be born as a result. SayTunes will enable us to share those songs with the world. We will be highlighting certain songs and compiling submissions at the year's end. There are no limits on what can be submitted (in terms of genres, styles, etc.) – we only ask that they be songs of justice for the oppressed.

Will you join us in echoing the General's Global Call to 24/7 prayer -- A Day and Night Cry for Justice? Will you help immerse yourself in Scripture and prayer, put your ear to the heart of the Holy One and declare justice for the oppressed across the world through songs bathed in intercession?

Will you answer the call for songs of justice?


To contribute, simply choose the '24/7 Prayer' option when uploading your song.