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TCR vs. Fulton Hawk
Band: The Calamari Retribution
The Calamari Retribution battles the legend, Fulton Hawk.
Chris Verse
Ha ha ha ha... Who is this stepping up to me?
F to the H, in the middle is “The Original G.”
Guy? Please don’t even try.
No one likes to see a grown man cry.
Because everybody knows you cannot handle this.
And if you cannot then you should not stick around for this.
Metaphorically, it’s like you’re lost at sea,
but in this case, I’m the hawk and you’re the fish.
Fulton vs Chris
Oh, I'm sorry, were you talkin to me?
I've learned to tune out all you weak MCs.
Saw your lips movin, but couldn't hear nothin,
did you wanna shake my hand, get an autograph or somethin?
I can stop my huntin, cuz you brought me a feast.
how'd you know my favorite's calamari with beef?
Pick you from my teeth, when I'm through with your crew.
Then crush you like a can of Iron Brew
Ryan Verse
Now let me get into this phat and funky beat.
Fulton, you a noob, you can’t compare with the 1337.
And every line you spit, I got a little somethin fo ya,
instilling great fear and Asian paranoia.
But the way I see, you can’t see me.
You a slow poke, I’m the fastest on the DDR machine,
and anything you can do, I can do faster.
Face it Fulton, you still aint my master.
Fulton vs. Ryan
You say I'm not your master, but lets check the evidence.
You bite all my styles and you're my Fan' s Club President.
Stick to DDR, and leave the rhymin to me.
the Mighty Mic Master, Fly Fulton G.
Heard your CD, I Thought you were jokin.
You couldn't spit game with a mouth full of tokens.
So grab your iShuffle, set it to repeat.
Until you get it through your head that I can’t be beat.
Brandon Verse
Hey Fulton! You’re revoltin!
I can’t believe you found our song insultin.
You just weak like part of a calenda,
but still I aint gon turn down a challenga.
You couldn’t flow if you was water.
While you gettin colder, I’m gettin hotter.
White boy, you better try harder,
cause right now you just looking like an older Aaron Carter
Fulton vs Brandon
You need to settle down, you don't want to get wild.
Cuz I've been breaking toys ever since I was a child.
Know it's been awhile, but I still got game.
Blow you out the frame just for speakin my name.
you should stick to Kung Fu like the other Asians do.
Pokemon, Hondas, films by John Woo.
Take your whole crew and head on home.
Come back and see me when you can hold your own.
Luke Verse
Well... Not much to say about the Hawk.
So much is given by the Hawk.
Slow down time, invisible rhymes, give him an inch, he’ll give you his shirt. [right off his back]
In truth, astounded I’ve been by the generosity shown to me,
even when we stood on cannons in a foreign land, [Independence day!]
Hawk coulda killed me,
but forgiveness was the chosen method.
Enough has been said. Cap on Fulton I cannot.
Fulton vs. Luke
That was sweet, like a kiss on the cheek.
But I'm not down like that, are you some kind of freak?
Shh! don't speak, cuz there is no doubt
this game is gettin ugly turnin into a rout.
So let me end this bout with a thunderous dunk.
My name aint Aston Kutcher, but you just got punked.
TCR vs Fulton
Of course your wife’s a model, they say opposites attract.
The score’s 4 on 1. Man, you better watch your back.
You best be layin off the cheesecake, you gettin kinda fat.
With a “PH” he means. By the way, the clothes fit great.
Didn’t you get your rhymes from the local Army thrift store?
The only rappin you’ll be doin is on our door,
beggin us, “TCR, please no more!”
You know what? I can’t do this guys...
Fulton vs TCR
4 against 1, I think you better check your math.
Cause your whole crew combined doesn’t equal a half.
Laugh about my weight, but you’ve always been ugly.
You bite like mosquitos and you’re starting to bug me.
Love me to my face, but when I’m gone you start your yappin,
thinkin to yourself, “What’s the worst that could happen?
Gonna find out, cause you’ve been runnin your mouth,
and I’ve been on my cell phone right outside of your house.
About to see the truth, who’s real and who’s not.
Cause it’s time to pay the piper aka Fulton Hawk.