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Die Everyday
Band: Lincoln Hawk
A ballad off the "Passion for Souls" album produced by Cloudy House Music.; Here's a simple, but heartfelt song by Lincoln Hawk. ; You can buy this song(as well as ; the rest of 'em by clicking here for itunes
Die Everyday
Lincoln Hawk
Verse 1
The world needs Your love
Cause it’s such a lonely place
It’s a child without its Father’s embrace
But though it’s lost and confused
There are those that You choose
To give the Light the world needs
And I believe You’ve chosen me
I believe You’ve chosen me
But to be all I can be
I need to let You live through me
So I’ll die everyday
So You can live in me in everyway
I’ll be a light the world can see
So I pray that I won’t get in the way
And I’ll pick up my cross and die everyday
Verse 2
I’m so tired of me
And the messes that I’ve made
I have learned that I’m weak
When I rely on my strength
So I surrender myself
And all the ways of my flesh
And I give You control
I give You every single breath
Every single breath
Till none of me is left
Bring life through my death
It’s no longer I that lives
But it’s Christ who lives in me
It’s no longer I that breathes
But it’s Christ who breathes in me