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Band: Osei Stewart
This song came about Labor Day weekend. I had been unable to write any songs for at least three months...and suddenly the Lord spoke to me one night as I was just about to fall asleep. He told me that I needed to be emptied. That entire night, the Lord spoke to me...I sang the songs as I was dreaming the lyrics...and then I awoke September 3 with the lyrics and music. I recorded the song later that day...Emptied
Verse 1:
I lift my hands up to you, Lord
Your blessings, they fall down on me.
I lift my heart up to yours Lord
Your cleansing blood is what I need
I want to be, emptied, broken,
mended, refilled
I want to live for You, always, my God
Please empty me.
Verse 2:
I lift my soul up to you Lord
Your Mighty River rushes in, yeah
And I reach down for your Water
You fill and satisfy my soul
I sometimes get full of me
My pride at times covers me
And I'm blinded by the things
that I can see
Lord I need you to empty me
Take all there is left of me
Then fill me Lord, use me...
Chorus 2x...