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Bleeding World
Band: Chris Tidd
A song about a dyeing world that bleeds, a church thats blind, and a god who we're in desperate need to do something about it...
bleeding world
looking out,
out at the world
I can see
just some of what we need.
I see children dyeing here,
I see a mother crying out for help
but no one understands,
'cause no one ever hears.
Please hear us now,
You've got to do something,
'cause everything is broken,
and needs to be put right.
Hear this cry,
from this dyeing world that bleeds,
this dyeing world that needs,
all You are.
Look with me,
we can't turn our eyes anymore.
it's up to us,
to bring hope back again.
no, we can't wait another day
'cause it won't just go away
this pain thats sucking dry our veins
of all but hate.