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Change The World
Band: Jeff Potts
I was walking through Santa Monica one night and saw a lot of hurting people. One particular family, a small girl and her father, were huddled up in a doorway downtown. They were obviously homeless and not doing well. The little girl, probably about five, was poorly dressed and very thin. She had a little box in front of her and she was singing "Jesus Loves Me" in a very sweet voice. I remember thinking, "God, it's not fair that she has no place to go." I had the feeling that someone needed to help them. ; Over the next couple of days I saw hurt and despair on TV, in the newspaper, in life and God spoke to my heart and said, "You Can Change the World." ; Yes...I believe I can. So can you.
I read the papers today and what did I see
People dying they got nothing to eat
Bloated bellies making babies look old
Mommas hollow eyes watching
As her baby grows cold
Wont you help me change the world
You remember Sally, she was only thirteen
She grew up in a home where love
didnt mean a thing
Now she lives in Hollywood
with the sweat and the smell
She gave her life away
(you know) every night its up for sale
Timmy Brown, playin in his yard
just lately turned nine
He was just playin with his sister and
having a good time
The car that drove by meant to shoot
someone else instead
But that dont matter now because
Timmy Brown and his sister are dead
Little boy, rushing home,
doesnt know what to expect
He knows his fathers been drinking
and Hes gonna be upset
His father lost his job, you know,
so now he drinks and gets mad
He knows his father loves him
and it really wont,
wont hurt so bad