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You Make Me Whole
Band: Jeff Potts
This is a song from my heart to God's. I was thinking about what He meant to me, did for me and means to me and wrote this song to Him. I totally love God and, against all reason, He loves me!
I could never fly so high so long
I could never run so far so strong
I could never know myself so well
I would be lost without you
You make me whole
You hold me in Your hands
You love me so
When no one else understands
You see into my heart
You make me whole
I could never climb,
the mountains so high
I could never find
comfort when I cried
I could never see eternity
All of my hope is in You
I could never know what true love is
If I had not known Your sacrifice
Just to see Your face
it drives me on
All of my life I give to You