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Tell Me I'm Alright
Band: Chris Tidd
A song about feeling trapped inside, and people either ignoring you, or telling you "your fine"...
Cant you see me here?
im beside myself
im all alone once again
you dont care
a simple cheer up wont do
my heart is broken in two
im lost, with nothing left of me to find
come look into my eyes
now tell me Im alright
as these tears fall down my face
please dont leave me here again
come reach into my heart
try and tell me im Im doing just fine
when you feel the brokenness
thats puling apart my life
You come along with your sickening smile
To tell me Ill be just fine
That the pain will soon subside
But your just full of it
Wont you just take off the mask?
Hear me now
Dont look away
Im crying out
Just to be heard