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Angel Without Wings
Band: Lauri Merrow
Angel Without Wings
By Lauri Merrow
There on the corner is a dirty homeless man.
He’s holding a sign asking you to give what you can
So you reach in your pocket and pull out some spare change
Then you add a dollar or two thinking well it’s all the same
You’re an angel without wings
Giving everything you can and never asking anything
You’re an angel without wings
Giving just a little not knowing the blessings that you bring
You’re an angel
A small lost child with big sad eyes looks up at you.
I’ve lost my Mommy and I don’t know what to do
So you take her hand and you look all around
Til you hear a voice cry “Thank God! My Childs been found CHORUS
How many times have you heard these solemn words
There but for the grace of God go I
Well count all your blessings and remember what I’ve said
And maybe you won’t need to ask him why, Lord, why CHORUS