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Winds Of Sorrow
Band: Grimus' Shack
We got to record a song for free. So... this is what we recorded. Enjoy!
Verses 1:
Seem so lost
We all know predictable
Shadows cover all that‘s here and there
Lying faces make me wonder why
The hurt that lives inside and dies inside
Don’t tell me you know what’s real
You can’t even find yourself to be
An ending trial is our purpose and end
Stop Crying…
Verse 2:
The light of life seems so far
We all pick or choose our end
Hearts of Joy, Hearts of death
Destiny is our soul’s desire
Pure life is said to be a tail
Cease these storms of darkness and what’s lost
Only the blind would indulge in such nonsense.
Winds of sorrow will last no more
Drops of life will be restored
Healing power conquers within’
Unending joy will make us sing…
(Will make us sing…)
(I’m lost with out you…)
(I’m lost with out you…)