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Take Broken Me
Band: Matt Leeder
Jesus takes us for the mess we are, right here and right now, and is the only one who can complete our restoration. In Him we can become again the people of created and blessed perfection we really are. The brass band accompaniment on ‘Take Broken Me’ is performed by the International Staff Band (BM Dr Stephen Cobb), and was recorded at Territorial HQ in London, England.
Take my life and let it be
So unsure my lethargy
Kicks in again at the eleventh hour
I’m back to square one again
Half the time I’m lost at sea
The other half I’m Steve McQueen
I’m trailblazing but currently
I am stuck on barbed wire
If I’m going to grow in I must throw in everything
Take broken me, can’t believe that You would use me
Take broken me, can’t believe that You would use me
I’m broken down and I need repair
But I’m freewheeling, feels like I’m almost there
These are the strangest days I’ve ever lived
And the best is yet to come
How do I know? The bible tells me so
I’m scared, I’ll trust, I’ll fail but I must if I’m going to grow into You