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The Masterplan
Band: Matt Leeder
A song about the singularity
When you look up at night and see all the stars strewn across the universe I might ask you;
"How did all those big lights get up there?"
Count back 100 billion years to the year dot
Can't imagine they appeared from an ink blot
Guess someone must have put them there.
And even when I hear that big bang I can't ignore the questions
Who lit the fuse? That singular second when history began
Ohh, somebody stop me, if I'm going too quickly.
Come on Langdon get your head out the sand
Now I've spilt all my coffee cos I'm getting excited,
You see this universe is part of a masterplan
Handmade is everything on earth and in space. Stay
and consider if the earth needs an upgrade?
No, it was perfect from the very 1st day
It takes more faith than I can give to say everything
came together in the splendour that we see today
from a random ball of energy