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Band: Electralyte
Matt says: "I don't really understand postmodernity but I do believe that we waste a lot of time trying to spot it happening. I've heard it said that we are the first generation to try and identify and label cultural shift while we're still taking part in it.; "I.D. is a song about just that. It's a mixture of bits of info I've heard on post modernity and a search for one truth - in the old fashioned sense!"
I am minding my own business,
Try not to be Thom Yorke about this.
Gonna find me identity,
It’s all originally inside me.
Truth hurts too much so they say.
Tell me what do I believe?
Tell me where’s my truth?
Tell me if you love me would you take me home?
Tell me have we got the moon dust?
Tell me who should I vote for?
Tell me if you love me would you take me home?
Build it, break it, mould it, sculpt it;
Just let me know what it is when you’re through.
What does it do? What can it do?
What is it supposed to do, if anything?