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I Can Feel
Band: Raymond Ray
This song is a song of thanks to God for making me, then saving me from the old life. It is the third song I've ever written. It was recorded in the back of our tow yard where I work on a desktop computer running the free trial of N-track studio 4.5 and a home stereo amp. Other misc equipment was also added, but the computer was the main part. I am singing all of the parts, I just sang them all seperately and then mixed them all together.
When I look up at the mountains
I can see Your majesty
When I gaze into the heavens
I feel you looking back at me
Sometimes I look across the ocean
I know You've seen it deep
When I read about creation
I thank You Lord that You made me
Lord of all creation
You reign from high above
when I lift my hands toward You
I can feel Your awesome love
When I look into my past life
and see my sinful ways
It was all my evil thinking
that corrupted me each day
But all the time You were there watching
You always kept me safe
And so I lift my hands toward You
and I thank You everyday!