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Army of the Lord
Band: Elizabeth Stephens
You'll recognize the familiar army cadence of this fun "repeat-after-me" song that I wrote originally for a March for Jesus for my local church. Our church then marched in a local parade, with a real soldier doing the callout, as our rows of christian "soldiers" repeated after him, as we marched in army formation. The response of the crowd was incredible!!! They thoroughly enjoyed it, and we sure had the JOY of the Lord that day!!; It was great fun, and gave a strong "witness" and "declaration"; to the community, of the Lord Jesus Christ and let US "identify ourselves with our Lord" publicly. ; It was abit challenging to record this version with just myself on the parts... ; but still...HAVE FUN repeating after me. (smile) ; I'm giving the free download on this site....available to Salvation Army's Saytunes only thus far. Why? Because they are, and you are, THE LORD'S ARMY... (smile); Enjoy!
We’re the army of the Lord (repeat)
With a shield of faith and a mighty sword (repeat)
We will walk in His authority (repeat)
And claim this land as a victory (repeat)
Tell them (repeat)
About him (repeat)
Tell them about him (repeat)
Jesus is the Son of God (repeat)
He leads us with his staff and rod (repeat)
When we put our trust in Him (repeat)
He keeps us away from a life of sin (repeat)
He saves (repeat)
He forgives (repeat)
He saves, He forgives (repeat)
Many days are up ahead (repeat)
When He’ll want to be “the HEAD” (repeat)
If I let Him con-trol me (repeat)
He’ll make me who HE wants me to be (repeat)
He frees (repeat)
He leads (repeat)
He frees, He leads (repeat)
Jesus loves us more each day (repeat)
As we walk His narrow way (repeat)
If we put him first in our life (repeat)
He’ll keep us from the world of strife (repeat)
He loves (repeat)
He cares (repeat)
He loves, He cares (repeat)
Tomorrow is a brand new day (repeat)
We can choose to go His way (repeat)
This will mean obedience (repeat)
Which will give us a radiance (repeat)
He shines (repeat)
We shine (repeat)
He shines, We shine (repeat)