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Jesus, I Will Depend On You
Band: Elizabeth Stephens
This song comes from the CD "Christ Within" by Elizabeth Stephens. The full CD is available for listening at www.handmaidenmusic.com. This particular CD concentrates on "Christ Within" you, as an individual. ; I recommend listening to the CD, for its not enough to know who we are in Christ... we must know WHO HE IS ....IN..US. (smile); May this song, richly bless...YOU.; In fact, feel free to download it, for I want to bless you "anytime" you need to remind yourself of its truth.
Verse 1
Jesus, I WILL depend on you
Jesus, I WILL depend on you
Not on myself,
Or any others,
But on YOU.
You are always faithful,
And yes, always true,
So who else can I depend on
But on YOU?
Jesus, I CAN depend on you
Jesus, I CAN depend on you
Others can leave
And can forsake me
And they do,
But You are always faithful,
You are always true,
Jesus, I know I CAN
Depend ON YOU!