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I'll recommend someone
Band: Colin Jackson
Written by my brother when we sang together some years ago, this is a song of invitation to those feeling they are going nowhere in life, to find direction in Christ. This an new upbeat arrangement of his song.
If you feel that your troubles won't mend
That you're nearing the end, you're in need of a friend
I'll recommend someone who did a service for me
If you feel everything has gone wrong
That your life has no song, you've nowhere to belong
I'll recommend someone; give him a try and you'll see
For He's my Lord and King, your soul to win is all that He desires
If you trust in Him you'll surely win
Do you feel a yearning, your heart is burning
Now that you've found Him at last
He's forgiven your past and in Him now you trust
You'll recommend someone and i know who it will be