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Matthew's Song.......the eyewitness blues
Band: Mark Radford
Matthew's Song............; .The Eye Witness Blues; (backing vocal....Venetia Elbourne-Hobbs; Guitar......John Martin)
I'm Your on the spot reporter telling the world the news.
I was a tax collector, now I'm happy followin' You.
I saw You feed the five thousand, handin'out fish and bread.
You healed the sick and sorry, even saw You raisin' the dead.
Cause I was there, and over here and over there, I was an eyewitness.
I was there when they hailed You, there when they nailed You,
I was there.
I saw you walkin' on the water, across Lake Gallilee.
You calmed the waves and weather, most amazin' thing I've seen.
On the Easter Sunday evenin' I couldn't believe my eyes.
Death had been defeated, glory glory what a surprise.