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Faith a Get Weak
Band: Gid'on
On the battle field there are many diversions, in this case it was a tempting seductress. This song conveys how I almost fell victim to satan's trap. In the end, my faith was made perfect in weakness and I ministered to her and thus bringing one more lost sheep back to the flock.
Mi Ready fi surrenda, mi ready fi retreat
Da devil yah ah temp mi It look like a defeat
She lickle and sweet, look nice an petite
What a sweet piece a meat, fi mek mi complete,
Mi haffi move discreet, pon mi wife I waan cheat,
If she eva find out den a straight mince meat
Mi noh waan fail God, but body inna heat
Base mi armour deplete

Di hill ah get steep
Di water get deep
Di boat ah slow leak
MI heart a fast beat
Dis girl mi waan greet
Mi faith a get weak

Father God you see and you know
How Down di right path mi waan go
Save mi now like Abednego
Father God yuh love mi waan flow
Feed di bird and mek di grass grow
After storm yuh sen di rainbow
Stick to yuh like 20 velcro
Base, ammunition it low

Good morning young lady how do you do
She seh fine well thank yuh my name is Sue
Well I got someone to introduce to you
He’s ma light & life He’s ma morning dew
Name is Jesus Christ the only one that’s true
Him sehh many are called but chosen are few
Find out fi yuh self and receive a breakthrough
Base, am I through

Yuh body is a temple a sight to behold
Not be abuse, mistreated and sold
Mek wi pray fi break di strong hold
No good thing my Lord will Withhold
He’s the God of new He’s the God of Old
Just as you are don’t be skerd, be bold
His love worth more than Silver or Gold
Base one more to di Fold.
Band: Gid'on