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No Fear
Band: Mary, Martha & The Mourners
This song was written with my wife, my kids & my bandmates in mind. I was thinking back to when I was younger and fearless, and hoping to know again that kind of courage in the face of danger.
When I was a child, I played like a child
Jumpin' off the roof I'd lose my breath
Now that I'm grown, with children of my own
They jump off the bed I'm scared to death
I don't know what's happened through the years,
But I've let something teach my heart to fear.
When nobody's home and I'm left all alone
Imagination is no friend of mine
Who's drivin' up my street? What's crawlin' in my sheets? I fear I've lost my head, my nerve, my spine.
But you don't seem to fear what you can't see, and I can hear you sing this song to me...and you sing
La la la la la la
In love there is no fear (2x)
Love promises tomorrow, love wipes away each tear
La la la la la la
In love there is no fear
I know that song is true, I've seen it work in you
You jump off a roof or two each day
But you don't fear the fall, You land and you stand tall
How I wish my life could be that way
And when I start to slip back into fear, yours is the song I need to hear...so sing it
When I was a child I played like a child
Jumpin' off the roof no fear of death
Now that I'm grown, It's true I have been known to make a few jumps just to lose my breath
And I know I can't explain it, but it's true
I fear nothing when I sing with you...and we sing