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A Wedding Prayer
Band: Mary, Martha & The Mourners
This song was written with a good friend, for a mutual friend's wedding at Camp Arnold in Washington state.
In Your presence, in Your name
We who have gathered
will never be the same
In Your Temple, in this place
We've come to witness
a portrait of grace
And we know that You
will be there for them
And this, this is our prayer for them

Father, give Your blessing
Jesus, cleanse their hearts
And what the Spirit seals today
Let no one tear apart
We pray

He's our brother, he's our friend
He's forsaking all others
for love without end
She's our sister, she's his bride
She's leaving home now
to stand by his side
And we know that You've
made this day for them
And this is what we pray for them


Love is patient, love is kind
Love never gives up or changes its mind
Love is giving, love is trust
We would not know love,
But You first loved us
And we know You'll meet
every need for them
And this is the prayer
that we plead for them