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Band: Earl Street Shakes
These are the original lyrics (by Colin Fairclough) as found on Saytunes. The final version differs slightly:
Lord, the road is hard and long.
Follow Me!
Lord, my friends say I am wrong.
Follow me!
Lord, I have no gifts to bring.
Follow me!
Lord, my faith is faltering.
Follow me!
Child, I walk the road with you.
Later, Lord
Child, My friends forsook Me, too.
Later, Lord.
Child, your gift of self I ask.
Later, Lord.
Child, your faith will meet the task.
Later, Lord.
Lord, I will – but not today;
Can it be?
Child, this is a world astray,
Losing Me.
Lord, take heart and will and all –
Strengthen me.
Child, your strength lies in My call:
Follow Me!
Lord, Your words my ways attend,
Thrilling me!
Lord, Your Spirit is my Friend,
Filling me.
Lord, my life is now Your own,
Bound, yet free.
Lord, my faith has firmer grown.
Stay with me.
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