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Imagine If You Will
Band: Elizabeth Stephens
This is a Salvation song...The Mp3 a great one to pass on to any unsaved friends or relatives via email. At least it will get them to thinking about their need for a Savior.; This song is from the CD entitled Truth's Banner...the entire CD available for listening at Elizabeth's website: www.handmaidenmusic.com. The lyrics are available there at the website.; There are over 100 songs to listen to freely on her website... most of which are discipleship songs and instrumentals that bring peace.; Elizabeth also does a bi-monthly email called Music Teacher, that you may sign up for on her website. This publication is for discipleship and includes a free mp3 with each Music "Lesson" you'll receive.
Just imagine, if you will
You are on your death bed dying
And imagine, if you will
That a blood transfusion can save you
Do you think that you would delay?
Do you think you’d say “maybe next time”...
Or do you think you would choose the BLOOD that could give you life?
YET, Salvation is being offered to you who are
Barely hanging on...
And the blood of Jesus Christ can give you life...
It’s eternal life, or death...
To be raised up,
or to plunge to your death,
Take the gift of Jesus Christ and be given LIFE!!
Just imagine, if you will
On the edge of a cliff you’re hanging
And imagine, if you will
That below is a river of fire
Do you think that you’d desire
To have someone pull you upward?
Or do you think that you’d choose to let go, and to die??
NOW imagine, if you will,
Peace and joy that’s never ending,
And imagine, if you will,
A love so strong it lifts you upward
He will always be your Guide,
He will give you his protection,
He will never leave you...
Forsake you? No, not once!
Take the Gift of Jesus Christ
And be Given LIFE.