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If I Didn't Have You
Band: transMission
Another contribution from Marty who produced the new transMission CD. Copies can be orderd by contacting Marty Mikles @ The Salvation Army, Atlanta, Georgia. (404) 728-1300.
If I Didn’t Have You
Words and Music by Marty Mikles
© Dizzy Music
Verse 1
Just let it out, gotta let it out
Or I’m gonna burst
Gotta tell you that I love you,
‘cause you loved me first
Something pent up, it won’t let up
Gonna overflow, out of my soul
‘cause you are everything to me
You are the song I sing
You are the air I breathe
I would have nothing if I didn’t have
Didn’t have you...
Verse 2
So just turn it up, your love burns me up,
and i’m on fire
In my life be glorified, be lifted high
I’m living loud, gotta shout it out
Your love overflows out of my soul
‘cause You are everything to me....
The air I’m breathing, this heart that’s beating
My voice that singing, for you
Creation shouting, and all around me, can’t live without you, you, you...
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