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Here at the Cross
Band: transMission
A great treatment on an old Salvation Army favorite.
Here At The Cross
Words by Bramwell Coles
Music by Marty Mikles
Verse 1
How can I better serve thee, Lord?
Thou who has done so much for me
Faltering and weak, my labor has been
O that my life may tell for thee
Verse 2
Dull are my ears to hear thy voice
Slow are my hands to work for thee
Loath are my feet to conquer the steeps
That lead me to my calvary
Here at the cross in this sacred hour
Here at the source of reviving power
Helpless in deed, I come with my need
Lord, for your service, use me
Strength for my weakness, Lord impart
Sight for my blindness, give to me
Faith for my doubting, Lord I would pray
That I may serve thee, and be worthy
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