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Burning Burning
Band: transMission
The Salvation Army's own General Gowans penned these words and Phil's music empowers them in a new way!
Burning, Burning
Words by John Gowans
Arranged by Phil Laeger
Burning, burning, brightly burning
Brightly burning Fire divine
Satisfy my spirit's yearning
Fill this empty soul of mine
Burning, burning, always burning
Holy Spirit, stay with me
To Your will my will is turning
What You will I want to be
Burning, burning, deeply burning,
Deeply burning holy Fire,
Now, your perfect plan discerning,
Your design is my desire.
Burning, burning, gently burning,
Gently burning Fire within,
From your love my love is learning.
Now I feel your work begin.
You are the light
You are the life
You are fire
And You are burning, in me
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