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Speak Your Name
Band: transMission
Murray is the newest contibutor to transMission's ministry. A Canadian by birth he is now living in Atlanta, Georgia. Let him know what you think @ murray_preston@uss.salvationarmy.org
Speak Your Name
Words and Music by Murray Preston

From the valleys low to the mountains on high
There are answers you must find.
There are questions though,
you’ll leave with the father of time.
Leave your sins with Him.
Leave your worldly ways behind.

For He hears you, when you call out His name
He will listen, He will take away your pain.
As we offer up today.

Speak your name, to the ears that haven’t heard.
Speak your name, with our hearts to tell the world.
That you are holy, amazing, conquering God.
Who holds the answers that can break our sinful hearts
Speak Your Name.

Hallelujah, find rest in the king of heaven,
Hallelujah, sing to the king of kings.
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