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How Marvelous
Band: transMission
Truthfully I don't think you can go wrong with this song. Marty has taken a songbook song to another level with his arrangement. The lyrics are powerful and the accompaniment intense.
How Marvelous
Words adapted from Charles Hutchinson Gabriel
Music by Marty Mikles
Public Domain
Verse 1
In your presence I’m amazed,
that you could love me, a sinner ashamed
Selfless was your act of love, there in the garden,
you mentioned my name
Forsaking your own will, and dying to save
How marvelous! How wonderful
And my song shall ever be…
How marvelous! How wonderful
Is my savior’s love for me
Verse 2
On Himself he placed my sin,
on the cross of calvary he died alone
And when I’m ransomed in His glory,
His face, at last, I will see
My voice will join the song of eternity
In joy through the ages i’ll sing of his love for me
For Heaven and earth sing of His majesty
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