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Romance With This World
Band: ValeriLopez
brown dark eyes
black dark hair
warm dark skin
i can't bare to let this vision leave my mind can i keep it just for a little while
high heeled shoes
short short skirt
only purpose make you squirm
stumble and sin so i can feel
like i'm wanted just for a little while
i was waiting for somebody to come
take my loneliness and turn it into love
to fulfill my own selfish needs in my
romance with this world and all it's
ugly loathefull lies
i was once a little girl
played with fire i can't burn
disisllusioned from the start
without you Lord I have no life at all!
red dress fluttering in the wind
take a sip of wine and then
rest my little head upon
a jagged rock a jagged rock
just for a little while
just for a little while it can't hurt