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Soldier, Rouse Thee!
Band: The Singing Company
From The Red Book Sessions. ; Download sheet music and order album online at http://thesingingcompany.com
Soldier, rouse thee! War is raging,
God and fiends are battle waging;
Every ransomed power engaging,
Break the tempter's spell.
Dare ye still lie fondly dreaming,
Wrapped in ease and worldly scheming,
While the multitudes are streaming
Downwards into Hell?
Through the world resounding,
Let the gospel sounding,
Summon all, at Jesus' call,
His glorious cross surrounding.
Sons of God, earth's trifles leaving,
Be not faithless but believing;
To your conquering captain cleaving,
Forward to the fight.
Lord, we come, and from thee never
Self nor earth our hearts shall sever;
Thine entirely, thine for ever,
We will fight and die.
To a world of rebels dying,
Heaven and Hell and God defying,
Everywhere we'll still be crying:
Will ye perish, why?
Hark! I hear the warriors shouting;
Now the hosts of Hell we're routing;
Courage! onward! never doubting
We shall win the day.
See the foe before us falling,
Sinners on the Saviour calling,
Throwing off the bondage galling,
Join our glad array.