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The Last Supper (tenative title)
Band: Within Four Walls
This is a track from our upcoming full length which is being recorded at Boundless Recording Studio in Flint, MI. The focus lyrically will obviously be based around the last supper.; So far we have tracked drums, and one of the 2 guitar players basic tracks. I'll be updating mixes as we add instruments. We still have to track the other guitarists parts, and many many many overdubs and then vocals. Drum loops and other percussion will also be added as well. ; *The album is based from sections of scripture that speak of Judas Iscariot as taken from the Gospels, N.T. and O.T. books as well as study notes from a session on "Judas: the misguided disciple" by Dr. Roger Green, a Salvationist from the Eastern Territory and author of a new biography on the Booths. ; *This song is the only song that does not use the bible for it's lyrical direction, but rather we take the historical context of 1st century rabbi / student relationships as well as observations made from the people Jesus encountered who sought Jesus for healing, restoration, forgiveness of sin, and so much more.
None as of yet....