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With You, Jesus
Band: David Edmonds
Lyrics by Neil Winton, this piece is written for Singing Company, Published in the Salvation Army's Childrens voices book in April 2007. This recording is by some select youngsters and arranged by Music Ministrys for the Demonstration CD.
With you, Jesus
I may not be a star on stage or TV,
I don’t have thousands of fans who are screaming for me,
But with you, Jesus,
I’ll be the best that I can be.
I may not always win spectacularly,
Might sometimes hide how I feel so that no-one will see,
But with you, Jesus,
I know there’s no need to worry.

Whatever I may face, wherever I go,
I’ve got the confidence inside
To do the things you’ve planned for all of my life,
’Cause you’ve promised that you’ll be my guide.
So I’ve made up my mind to trust what you say,
Discover what you’ve in store for me every day.
Stay with me, Jesus,
Because I’m following your way,
Following your way,
Following your way,
Following you.
Neil Winton